Aloe Vera
For centuries this plant has been known for its excellent therapeutic properties. Aloe Vera stimulates a feeling of well-being both inside and out. In fabrics used in the making of mattresses, Aloe Vera is added as a finish to make the material extremely soft whilst protecting and moisturising your skin.

This new mattress material containing bamboo thread is 100% environmentally friendly and has properties which are very good for mattresses: it has the softness and shine of silk and naturally yields a resistance to microbes. It is also a strong fabric which does not wrinkle; it is extremely absorbent and breathable. Wash at 60ºC.

Especially good as mattress fabric, this high quality thread makes the fabric as soft as velvet, keeps the shape of the mattress and gives it a luxurious appearance. The Lyocell base is wood cellulose, and is 100% natural and environmentally friendly. Mattress materials with Lyocell are very absorbent, strong and durable. Wash at 60º.

Rest and relaxation
This fabric discharges static electricity and in this way improves the quality and duration of our rest. There is static electricity in nearly all bedrooms because of the friction of the artificial fabrics found in curtains, carpets, beds and bed linen, nightwear etc. It has been proven that static electricity alters and interrupts your sleep. These mattress fabrics permanently prevent static electricity. Wash at 60º.

The DuPont protector is a very useful finish. The mattresses last for a long time and this is why it is a good idea to keep them clean. In fabrics treated with Teflon, stains can’t penetrate or stick to the fabric. Teflon does not reduce the breathability or the material’s properties; it is hygienic, environmentally friendly and dermatologically tested. Wash at 60º.

Cieva also makes FR (Fire-Retardant) products that maintain the original properties of the fabric. There are two types of FR materials: one that is permanently FIRE retardent using Trevira CS and the other which is non permanent and uses a FR finish.

The materials with a sanitised finish are protected from microbe attacks as well as from smells, improving hygiene and improving comfort.